Our expert teams are available to attend to your demolition project promptly and competently!

Our Services


  • House demolition
  • Mobile Home demolition
  • Garage demolition
  • Carport demolition
  • Shed demolition
  • Pool demolition
  • Deck demolition
  • Patio demolition
  • Driveway demolition
  • Property Clean-up
  • Tree Debris Hauling & Removal
  • Interior Gutting


  • Complete Building demolition
  • Selective Interior demolition
  • Selective Exterior demolition
  • Facade demolition
  • Retail demolition
  • Ceiling system removal
  • Interior partition removal
  • Store front removal
  • Floor covering removal
  • Mezzanine demolition
  • Awnings demolition
  • Concrete removal
  • Sign removal

“Fast Track provides both complete and/or partial demolition and removal services.”



Fast Track Demolition has been servicing Orlando, FL and nearby surrounding areas since 2000! We are a full service demolition contractor specializing in Interior Gutting, House / Garage / Shed demolition, Partial or Complete Tear Out, Foreclosure Clean-out and Debris / Property Clean-Up. We do it all, handling big 200,000+ square feet jobs and jobs as small as 10 square feet. Basically, we are here for you -- no job is too small and no job it to big!

Here are some other things that separate us from the rest!

Personalized Service - We thrive in making sure that we meet your project needs. We will work closely with you or your Project Manager to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. Our goal is to make you a lifetime customer!

Knowledgeable Staff – With over 60 years of combined experience in interior and exterior demolition; we pride ourselves in making sure that each demolition site employs staff that will provide quality and professional work.

Specialized Tools Fast Track has the specialized equipment and skilled personnel required to meet your all of your demolition needs in the most effective way possible. We have multiple grapple and dump trucks, trailers, tractors, bobcats, etc to get the job done!

Customer Friendly – Fast Track employees are always in clean uniforms and are always friendly.  We are here to serve your needs and to make sure that you will become one of our most valued "return customers"!

Deadline Focus – Fast Track values your time and your money. With a focus on time management we will get the job done on time and under budget.  Our clients choose us because they know that they can count on us.

Trustworthy – Fast Track Demolition takes pride in making sure that you can count on us. We trust that you trust us to do the job and do it well!

Our specialized tools and demolition techniques combined with the most knowledgeable staff insures that your job is done right, and on time.

We Recycle - Our standard procedure is to recycle as much as material from the job as possible. We currently recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals, clean wood, concrete bricks and tile. If a LEED certification is required, we have access to carpet and ceiling tile recyclers as well as full demolition debris recycling companies. *On some projects, there may be underlying issues that may not be visible during the estimate process. In this case, a prompt reassessment of project completion time will be provided as soon as possible. This, of course, is an exception to the rule.


Residential, house or mobile home demolition can be a huge and challenging project for home owners especially if you do not have a dependable contractor. There is electric, water and sewer disconnects as well as variations of permitting procedure that can be overwhelming. At Fast Track Demolition you have the option to let us do all the work for you! We will make sure that you are informed every step of the way. We can also acquire your City Permits.


Residential, Garage, Carport, Shed, Deck, Patio and Driveway demolitions are one of our many specialties.  We can turn your disaster around in a flash! We have the experience, tools and man-power to get the job done right.


Swimming Pool Crush and Fill or Complete Demolition removal of unwanted or unusable swimming pool is one of our specialty.  We can also remove or cut decks and patio slab as needed to meet your needs.


Rubbish / Junk Removal - As a full-service demolition contractor we provide rubbish removal for clients when placing a dumpster on site is not an option. Rubbish removal services include labor and live load trucking or trailering. Rubbish can be consolidated by you or by our laborers and then removed. We will perform rubbish removal from most anywhere, typically from businesses, buildings, garages, sheds, attics and yards. Regular scheduled rubbish removal is available within our service area.


Commercial demolition is time consuming and can be time restricted. Fast Track Demolition, we are ready to serve your needs!  We can adapt our schedule and staffing needs to ensure that we meet yours!


Interior Gutting - Interior gutting typically involves the complete gutting of a commercial building or residence, leaving only the main structural components. Fast Track Demolition dismantles materials in a controlled and clean manner providing a safe and clean work area for our customers and demolition crews.
Interior Gutting or Interior Demolition project can be done as a complete, partial or selective demolition scenario.  We will accommodate your needs on a per-project basis as each project is unique requiring its own custom blend of specials tools together with demolition method.


Cleanouts – Fast Track Demolition has laborers and trucks for every situation that may arise with a clean out. As a full-service demolition contractor we own all of our equipment to provide you with a cost effective cleanout. For cleanouts we have knuckle boom trucks, fixed bed trailers, dump trailers, pick-ups and we can also bring in dumpsters if necessary. All cleanouts are left broom swept at the end of every work day to ensure safety and clean working environments.

The Indestructible Appeal Of The Buildings Wrecking

When One Thinks Of Demolishing A Building, The Image Of A Massive Wrecking Ball Smashing Through The Structure Is Usually The First Thing That Comes To Mind. The Wrecking Ball Is The Quintessential Symbol Of Demolition In The Cultural Consciousness, Even Acting As The Logo Of The National Demolition Association, But This Classic Building Smasher Is Becoming Rarer And Rarer As The Years Go By. Construction Forums Have Posts From Former “Ballers” Lamenting The Dying Art Of The Wrecking Ball.


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